A group of believers in the risen Lord Jesus Christ meeting together for worship. A church distinct from other churches in our city in that we are both confessional and covenantal.

 We welcome our new teaching elder, Pastor Andrew Farr. Pastor Farr comes to us from the First Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Portland, OR. He has been sent to us by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church denomination (OPC) as an evangelist to Klamath Falls and as our pastor while we work and grow into a particularized congregation of the OPC.

New Church Phone #: (541) 887-9875

Klamath Falls Reformed Fellowship is a startup/church-plant under the leadership of Trinity Church of Medford, an Orthodox Presbyterian Church denomination. We come together to worship the one, true, living God of the Bible. Triune in nature: Father, Son and Holy Spirit who is worthy of our praise. Our focus is on Christ-centered teaching and reverent corporate worship. The term Reformed in our name is used for our approach to worship that comes out of the Reformation of the 16th century. Jesus Christ formed the church using the apostles and early church believers. By the 16th century the church had become terribly deformed but through a new work of God’s Holy Spirit the church was reformed. We extend an invitation to anyone looking for a Reformed (Calvinist) church and to anyone desiring to know more about Biblical/Apostolic worship to come join us in our work here to establish this reformed congregation in Klamath Falls.